Annual Recycling Opportunities

2017 Recycling Calendar

Did you search for “computer recycling near me?” You’re not alone. It is the season.

Every year, you can find a great time to recycle electronics and keep e-waste out of the landfills or from being burned in incinerators. Just take a look at your calendar, and then call Protec! We’re Alabama’s number one electronic’s recycling service.

Calendar of Recycling for ElectronicsThe Best Times of the Year for Electronic Recycling

  • Christmas and New Years. (As you welcome new electronics into your home over the holidays, recycle rather than trash the old ones!)
  • Spring Cleaning. (Why dust old, unused devices?  Recycle in March, April, and May.)
  • April 22 is Earth Day.  (Recycling your old computers and electronics is one of the best things you can do for the environment.)
  • End of the Fiscal Year for Businesses. (Companies ending the fiscal year June 30th often make buying/decommissioning decisions in summer.)
  • Back to School.  (When it’s out with the old and in with the new, recycle those abandoned devices.)
  • November 15th is America Recycles Day. (Don’t forget your tablets, laptops, and phones!)
  • Anytime a new device replaces an aging or broken version of the same, remember to recycle.

Electronic waste includes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Many of these devices, like computers and mobile electronics, contain hazardous materials not suitable for regular disposal. Did you know that e-waste is expected to grow annually at 4-5%?  With an estimated 83.6 billion pounds of electronic waste generated world wide each year (based on a 2014 estimate), the size of the problem is staggering.

At Protec, we serve both residential and commercial customers, strictly adhering to all federal, state, and local guidelines.  Locally owned and operated out of Birmingham, Protec Recycling has a goal to provide customers with environmentally sustainable, cost effective and confidential solutions in processing electronic assets.

With Protec, there’s no need to wait for a holiday.  Whether you are a business or a residential customer, we can help you with electronic recycling today.

Learn more on our About Us page, or give us a call today at 205-549-2120.  


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