Residential Services

IMG_6657-minProtec Recycling is open Monday through Friday for convenient residential drop-offs at our facility. Please CONTACT US to make an appointment for drop-off. 

Please note that some fees are associated with recycling TVs and CRT monitors. These fees are required because of the environmental hazards and costs associated with safely processing them to ensure that no devices or components will end up in landfills.

Please review this info-graphic for more info on e-waste, along with examples and why it should always be disposed of properly. These are more comprehensive lists of acceptable and unacceptable items.

**For your protection (and ours), we will sanitize hard drives from all donated computers and other info-carrying devices. Optionally, you may wish to have us shred them for visual confirmation that all data has been destroyed. It is not necessary to remove the drive prior to arrival as this is included with the service.  

Fees are as follows and may change periodically:

  • $15 for CRT Monitors 
  • $.35/lb for TVs*
  • $10 for Hard Drive Shredding

*CRT, flat panel (LCD, Plasma, and LED), and portable TVs are acceptable. Wooden console and DLP (rear projection) are currently not accepted. CLICK HERE for examples of each.

Dropoff Location
37 W Park Cir #200b
Birmingham, AL 35211

*Receiving area is around the back of our facility. 

We are Open
8:00AM-4:00PM Mon-Fri


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