Give a Present to Planet Earth

Recycle Your Old Electronics this Holiday Season

The holidays bring with them the excitement of reuniting with family, giving and receiving gifts, and once again gathering around the table to enjoy our favorite foods and family recipes.

For many of us, it also means the joy of new electronics!

Ultra HD TVs, the latest iPhones and Androids, laptops, tablets, electronic book readers, game consoles, and more – one or more of these will under the tree or decorated with a ribbon and bow, ready to spread electronic joy this holiday season.

As we pause, taking a moment to be thankful for what we have and looking forward to Blu-ray, 4K, 3D, curved screen, augmented reality, we can al19so do the honorable thing for our old electronic friends and help them find new homes and new uses in 2018 and beyond!

After all, the last thing you want to do to a trusted phone or devoted game console is bury it in a landfill after years of loyal service.

Recycling is now State-of-the-Art Too!

Not only is it OK to be thrilled by your new electronics, you should be excited about the possibilities for recycling also.

First, and most importantly, dedicated electronic recycling centers like Protec can make a No Landfill promise and keep it. Our mission is to reuse and recycle your old electronics in ways that keep the world green and allow you to enjoy your new cutting-edge toys, guilt free.

  • Many old items can be repaired and refurbished, finding new homes where their useful lives are extended for years.
  • Some electronics can be disassembled for spare parts, the circuit board equivalent of donating an organ so that another computer or DVD player can live.
  • Remanufactured products are completely rebuilt to their original specifications, using a combination of reused, repaired, and new parts.

At Protec Recycling in Birmingham Alabama, we handle both residential and commercial electronics recycling. Our list of acceptable items for recycling can be found on our Electronics Recycling page.

Make it a Holiday Tradition

Many homes and businesses participate in special holiday drives to help spread joy and cheer throughout their communities. Whether you give of your time and support to Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, or Big Brothers, Big Sisters, now you can add an annual present for the Earth itself.

In the rush to welcome in the new and discard the old, there is no need to send household electronics containing cadmium, lead, and mercury to a landfill where they can leach toxins into the water and soil.

Make it a yearly tradition to recycle old devices that have been replaced, knowing that their use and usefulness can be extended in a variety of ways that avoid the hazards of landfills.

Learn more about recycling with Protec.  Visit our About Us page today, or give us a call at 205-549-2120.

Your Data is Securely Destroyed

Often people hesitate when it comes to recycling of their electronics, because that computer, phone, or laptop contains so much personal information.

At Protec Recycling, we have you covered. We are experts in data destruction, and all recycled components that hold personal information undergo secure data destruction protocols. We operate under strict chain of custody procedures and observe all applicable compliance standards.

Our trained personnel handle hard drive shredding and data destruction of large companies, and we can make sure your data never falls into the wrong hands.

When you think about it, it’s far better to have us destroy old data securely than to leave it sitting in your basement or, worse, buried in a landfill.

Learn more about secure data destruction with Protec.  Visit our Hard Drive Shredding page today, or give us a call at 205-549-2120.

We Handle Commercial, On-Site Recycling

Protec Recycling serves businesses, non-profits, and government agencies with on-site recycling services.

If the New Year promises a new network, up-to-date workstations, the replacement of worn UPS systems, or new tablets for the field, we can help you find economical and environmentally safe ways to re-use, re-manufacture, and dispose of electronic and electrical devices.

At Protec, we provide electronic recycling for schools, banks and businesses, IT companies, attorneys, hospitals and healthcare, government agencies, and more.

Our mission is to assure that 100% of your end-of-life electronics are reused or recycled. You have our no landfill guarantee.

Learn more about our full service electronic recycling on our Commercial Services page.

We encourage you to go Secure, Green, and Simple this holiday season and in the New Year. Recycle with Protect Recycling in Birmingham Alabama. Think of it as a Christmas card to planet Earth!

Call us at 205-549-2120, or visit our Contact Us page.

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