IT Recycling Service

PC Disposal and Secure Data Destruction

IT service companies take recycling seriously. In Alabama, your professional choice for computer disposal and PC recycling is Protec Recycling.

Whether you run an IT Department in a large business, and IT Support company, or a shop specializing in computer sales & service, Protec provides the comprehensive recycling you’re looking for.

Upgrading your client’s IT infrastructure can result in a pile of computer trash. Aged-out workstations and monitors, meters of old cable, hard drives waiting to be wiped, broken keyboards and mice, as well as forgotten peripherals of all sorts.

With Protec, we simplify e-Waste. Just call us at 205-549-2120.

  • We offer full service pickup for the recycling of electronic waste.
  • Secure data destruction, including on-site hard drive shredding.
  • Extensive recycling capabilities, including USPS/Battery Backups, printers and copiers, toner & ink cartridges, TVs and fax machines, cables, wires, and more!

Strict Compliance Protocols

Convenient and affordable, Protec also adheres to guarantees and protocols IT companies care about.

  • No landfills – 100% of e-waste accepted is recycled or sold for reuse.
  • Green – Your electronics never end up in developing countries.
  • Secure – We observe data privacy laws, chain of custody, and offer verifiable proof of data destruction. Complying with PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and FACTA.
  • De-Installation – Dismantling and moving large installations, like data centers and telecom installations is no problem with Protec Recycling.

Over half the states now prohibit the disposal of computer trash in landfills. While Alabama does not yet have specific e-waste regulations, the national direction is clear.

With Protec, we make it easy and affordable to put in place a comprehensive, robust electronics waste recycling program that can benefit your IT Department or your computer and IT customers.

Interested in learning more about our secure, green, and simple approach to professional recycling? Call us at 205-549-2120.

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