Recycling the Internet of Things

When Appliances from Coffee Makers to Toasters go Online

What is the Internet of Things? IoT is what they are calling the increasing use of Internet enabled electronics in everyday devices. Ultimately, almost any device with an on/off switch will be connected to the web.

In early January, 2018, Griffin Technology, a creator of award-winning mobile accessories based in Nashville Tennessee, announced a new collection of smart, app-powered and Internet connected devices, including:

  • Connected Coffee Maker – a blue-tooth enabled, smart-phone controlled coffee maker designed to serve up your personal coffee preferences perfectly, every time.
  • Connected Toaster – an app controlled, digital toaster that not only remembers how you like your toast, but how to adjust for every type of bread.
  • Connected Mirror – save time while dressing or shaving by tapping your mirror to learn the time, weather, and how your other Griffin Home products are doing getting that coffee and toast ready for you!

Griffin’s latest products are only an example of how thoroughly computers, electronics, and the web are integrating with everything we know and use.

Samsung’s Smart Refrigerator creates shopping lists, helps you order groceries, sends messages, shares family schedules, and even serves as an entertainment center in your kitchen.

GE Appliances offers connected washers, dryers, ranges, ovens, and air-conditioners controlled by phone apps and voice commands.

Forbes estimates that the consumer market will be flooded with 21 billion connected devices by 2020 and that the IoT will become a big part of our everyday lives.

The Internet of Things may sound “gimmicky” today, but will quickly be adopted in ways that make our lives easier and more convenient. Who won’t check their phone to see what their connected home tells them is needed from the store, or be upset if their broken washer schedules its own repair call? A refrigerator that can give you a recipe using the ingredients you have on hand will quickly become a standard people will not want to do without.

And as these devices wear out over time or are superseded by newer, more advanced models, the electronics within will need to be recycled by knowledgeable, experienced e-Waste handlers.

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