The Economic Benefits of E-Waste Recycling

It’s About More Than the Environment!

The profoundly positive impact of e-waste recycling makes it an integral sector of the recycling industry, but the advantages of recycling e-waste go far beyond the environmental benefits.

E-waste businesses like Protec provide employment and generate revenue that stimulates the economy. And fortunately, e-waste recycling isn’t going anywhere. In fact, revenue produced by the industry will reach approximately 49.4 billion dollars by 2020 (source: Allied Market Research).

E-waste recycling also prompts manufacturers to offer buyback incentives. Customers receive lowered costs when they agree to participate in buyback programs and manufacturers save on the price of raw materials. It’s a total win-win situation!

E-waste recycling also eliminates the cost of maintaining waste sites and the costs involved with transporting e-waste. Often, e-waste is shipped to overseas dump sites, which costs the taxpayers hefty sums of money.

We’re Proud to Be an Essential Part of Strengthening the Economy

Protec is proud to be an innovative and integral part of the booming e-waste recycling industry. Contributing to economic growth gives our work even greater meaning.

We provide secure, green, and cost-effective disposal and recycling of data and electronic assets in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Call us at 205-549-2120 or visit our Contact Us page.

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