Being Smart About Smartphone Recycling

Approximately 1.5 smartphones will be purchased throughout the world this year.  Millions of new iPhones are sold in a single month.  And eventually, each phone will become trash.  And that’s when things get ugly.

When phones end up in the trash, they are dumped in landfills.  Toxic chemicals, such as arsenic, cadmium, and beryllium leak into the soil, contaminating grass, trees, vegetables, and more!  Animals, the air that we breathe, and bodies of water all suffer!  Lithium-ion batteries contaminate as much as 60,000 liters of water!

Only 14-17 of cellphones are recycled each year.  We can do better.  Most or all parts of a cellphone can be recycled.  Did you know that for every 42 recycled smartphones, enough energy is saved to power a home for a year?

It costs way less to recycle and reuse electronic parts than it does to produce new ones.  And the e-recycling industry is a booming business that is showing no signs of slowing down!  Protec is proud to be an innovative and integral part of the booming e-waste recycling industry. Contributing to economic growth gives our work even greater meaning.

We provide secure, green, and cost-effective disposal and recycling of smartphones and other electronics in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Call us at 205-549-2120 or visit our Contact Us page.




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