DeInstallation Services

Deinstallation refers to the dismantling and disposal of larger-scale IT assets. At Protec, we can remove old servers from your data center, break down telecom installations, remove old computers during office moves, and more. Our experts handle large jobs securely, efficiently, and affordably.


Secure, Green, Simple!

Full Service Electronic Recycling.

No Materials Go To Developing Countries

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Protec Recycling offers affordable, secure services in electronic recycling and data destruction. Old equipment is de-manufactured and recycled to the fullest extent possible with modern technology.

Deinstallation of IT AssetsWhether we are performing data center consolidation, dismantling main frames, or cleaning out an old computer lab,  Protec is compliant with all state, federal, and local regulations.  We specialize in on-site hard drive and data destruction, a critical component to comply with data privacy laws such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and FACTA.

When it comes dismantling large installations, we 

  • Carefully plan the deinstallation to avoid issues, delays, and security breeches
  • Call in electricians and other specialty services as needed
  • Record the make, model, manufacturer, and serial number of all equipment to be removed
  • Perform removals with a light touch, avoiding damage to floors, walls, and doorways
  • Provide transportation and heavy lifting for removal of IT assets
  • Provide on-site, verifiable data destruction, including hard drive shredding
  • Thoroughly clean the area after equipment removal

No Landfills

Protec’s “no landfill” promise means we recycle computers and other electronics locally.  The variety of materials recycled by Protec include peripherals and small items as well: modems and routers, cables & wires, printers and copiers, toner & ink, cell phones and fax machines, TVs & audio visual equipment, fax machines and stereos.  Not sure if we recycle a particular item?  Just ask!

Call us today at 205-549-2120, or visit our Contact Us page.

Environmentally Sustainable e-Waste Processing

How do we define our method?

Secure, green, and simple. That is our promise.

The Protec Promise
  • Zero Waste

    100% of electronics will be recycled or sold for reuse.
  • Secure

    Processes and policies were created with compliance in-mind.
  • Green

    Your electronics will never end up in developing countries.
  • Simple

    We take care of the heavy lifting and transportation.

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