Don’t Throw Out Your Windows 7 Computers

Don’t Throw Out Your Windows 7 Computers

Recycle Them!

It’s on the news; you’ve been warned by your IT department, and now the date has come. On January 14th, 2020, Windows 7 reached its end of life, as did Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

It’s not just that these venerable, workhorse systems have been retired; they’ve reached a point where they will no longer be supported or updated in any way.

This is the day hackers and virus engineers have been waiting for. They can now freely target over 200 million PCs worldwide and Microsoft is no longer providing software updates, security updates, or trouble-shooting support.

The time is definitely now to upgrade or replace your aging PCs and servers.

But as you’re investing in new computers, don’t make one big mistake! It’s not OK to toss your old PCs, laptops, and tablets in the trash!

Recycling Equals Secure Disposal

Even if you have no interest in going green, you need to know the security risks of tossing out old electronics.

Old computers may store sensitive data you’re not even aware of. Putting aside credit card and account information, how many customers have shared their mailing address, birthday, or phone numbers with you? Did they email you a password or a picture of the kids?

Identity thieves love the treasure trove of personal data and clues to electronic access easily accessible on a computer tossed to the trash.

When you recycle with Protec Recycling, located in Homewood, Alabama, we handle both the security issues and the concerns for Mother Earth.

  • Our certified hard drive shredding service destroys sensitive information completely, with no possibility of retrieval or theft.
  • We help old electronics find new homes, working with companies that can give them a second life instead of dumping toxic metals and plastics into a landfill.

We work with Business, Government, Non-profits, and more

Protec Recycling has the expertise and experience to work with any size agency and provide efficient, secure data destruction.

Professional handling of electronics recycling is especially important for:

  • Health Care and Medical Facilities operating under HIPPA guidelines.
  • Government and Municipal Offices
  • Attorneys and Courtrooms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporate and Business Systems

We work with ALL electronics and peripherals. Even an old multi-function printer may store sensitive data and should be recycled rather than trashed. Protec Recycling works with PCs, servers, laptops, tablets, phones, printers, cables, and peripherals.

At Protec Recycling, located in Homewood, Alabama, we make it our business to be a part of the solution to electronic waste. We do this by offering our customers environmentally sustainable, cost effective, and confidential disposal of their electronic assets.

Would you like to work with Protec Recycling? It’s easy, give us a call at 205-549-2120, or visit our Contact Us page today!

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