E-Waste & The National Conference of State Legislatures

The National Conference of State Legislatures is a bipartisan non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of state legislatures by promoting policy innovation and communications among legislatures.

The conference advocates for the expansion of options to recycle or donate used electronics by supporting legislation related to e-waste.  25 states (and the District of Columbia), have enacted statewide legislation to establish e-waste recycling programs.

There are two basic models for e-waste legislation:

  1. Extended Producer Responsibility:  The manufacturer pays for the collection and recycling of products covered by law.
  2. Advanced Recycling Fee Model:  Consumers pay retailers up to $10 at the time of purchase of an electronic item, which then goes into a state recycling fund.

But why should any state mandate e-waste recycling programs?  In 2017, the estimated value of recoverable materials in e-waste was $55 billion!  Recycling e-waste helps the economy by allowing manufacturers to produce items at a lesser cost.  It also reduces the likelihood of toxicity.  Materials such as lead and mercury are often found in electronics.  And the environmental benefits seem endless.  Air, water, soil – they all benefit from recycling e-waste!

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