IT Asset Remarketing

Often, no-longer-needed IT equipment still has usable value and recycling isn’t the best option. Protec Recycling can extend the value of your equipment by leveraging our large network of resellers, brokers and dealers.


Secure, Green, Simple!

Full Service Electronic Recycling.

Secure, Professional, Affordable

ITAD is IT Asset DispositionFull Data Destruction is guaranteed regardless of final disposition. Prior to resale, all assets are cleaned, tested, securely data wiped or shredded and prepared for shipping. All identifying stickers and asset tracking numbers are removed.

Why Remarket Your Used IT Assets?

  • Receive an ROI for your tech
  • Re-use is the most environmentally friendly form of recycling
  • Corporate and Customer data is verifiably removed or destroyed

Equipment we Purchase and Consign:

  • Newer PC towers and Laptops of higher quantities
  • Apple products – iMacs, Macbooks, and iPads
  • Smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks
  • Networking equipment
  • Servers and data center equipment
  • Newer standalone copiers

The first step is to speak with one of our Purchasing Agents. We can talk about consignment or direct purchase options. Contact Us today and let us help maximize the value of your out-of-use electronics.

Want to learn more? Call us today at 205-549-2120, or visit our Contact Us page.

Environmentally Sustainable e-Waste Processing

How do we define our method?

Secure, green, and simple. That is our promise.

The Protec Promise
  • Zero Landfill

    100% of electronics will be recycled or sold for reuse.
  • Secure

    Processes and policies were created with compliance in-mind.
  • Green

    Your electronics will never end up in developing countries.
  • Simple

    We take care of the heavy lifting and transportation.

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