Local e-Waste Recycling – March 23rd, 2019

Recycle Old Electronic Gear, Computers, Printers, Appliances, Cell Phones and More. It’s Free. Hard Drive Shredding offered as a service $10 fee per drive. No Televisions Accepted! CRT (Tube Type) Monitors and Flat Screen Computer Monitors are accepted for a $10 fee.

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recycling day 2019

Would you like to learn more about electronics recycling with Protec Recycling?  Call us at 205-549-2120, or visit our Contact page today.

Protec Recycling’s Zero Waste Policy

In Alabama, Protec Recycling leads the way toward an era of modern electronics recycling with a Zero Waste guarantee. Located in Birmingham, Protec provides e-recycling services to consumers, small businesses, and corporations. Our goal is to provide each customer with environmentally sustainable, cost effective, and confidential disposal of their electronic assets.

End of life electronics recycled with Protect never see a landfill. They are recycled or repurposed and resold for reuse.

Would you like to work with Protec Recycling? It’s easy, give us a call at 205-549-2120, or visit our Contact Us page today!

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