Recycling Day Events

We host Recycle Day Events for local governments, businesses, and churches so community members have an opportunity to conveniently dispose of their old or unwanted electronics.

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Collection Events at a Glance:

  • On the day of the event we will bring one of our trucks and several collection bins and pallets.
  • Our professional staff will be on-site to help make the process go quickly and efficiently. Volunteers are welcome but not necessary
  • After the event, we will pack up the electronics and transport them to our recycling facility for processing and send you a receipt of the collection for your own records.
  • Hard drive destruction offered so attendees have the option to witness total data destruction prior to donating his or her computer or other info-containing device.
  • NEW for 2020 – Protec will now offer Secure Document Destruction (paper shredding) at some events. Check with event organizers and Protec’s FB page for latest info.

Upcoming Events:




Homewood Library 1721 Oxmoor Rd. Homewood, AL 



04/02/2021  10:00 AM – 02:00 PM

Homewood Library 1721 Oxmoor Rd. Homewood, AL 



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