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electronic devices containing sensitive informationRefurbish and Reuse

Finding Old Electronics a New Home

According to an article on, in 2016 the percentage of electronic waste that was recycled averaged only 20% worldwide. In the U.S., that number was higher, reaching about 25%.

Even so, those numbers don’t include a powerful addition to any recycling effort: reuse. At Protec Recycling in Alabama, we are experienced in the refurbishment and reuse of electronics, finding new homes for old machines that require no more than some repair and a little TLC to give them a second or even third life.

Old computers and laptops can be put to a variety of uses, even in the home:

  • In the kitchen for recipes or to play streaming services while cooking.
  • A guest computer for use by visiting kids or overnight guests.
  • A starter PC for a family member or friend.
  • Used for a distributed computing project, like Compute for Humanity.

When you recycle old electronics with Protec Recycling, we refurbish appropriate machines to do everything from training and education to security surveillance.

Refurbished Computer Myths

There are many negative myths surrounding refurbished computers. People believe they don’t last as long as new machines, that there are no warranties, and that you’re only buying someone else’s problem.

Actually, when machines are properly refurbished and put into reuse, they can easily last as long or longer than new equipment without any major problems. When refurbished by skilled technicians, old computers, laptops, and tablets do not have to run slow or function for limited life spans.

At Protec Recycling, we work with business, education, and government in Alabama on large-scale asset disposition projects with old electronics.  We can securely de-install systems, certify that all data has been destroyed.  Equipment that is not recycled is sold through wholesale channels to refurbishers and other re sellers who refurbish and re-deploy the equipment.

For large commercial or government jobs, our team works on site, even shredding hard drives at your location. Of course, our facility in Homewood, AL is open for residential customers to bring their old electronics for recycling too.

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At Protec Recycling, we make it our business to be a part of the solution to electronic waste. We do this by offering our customers environmentally sustainable, cost effective, and confidential disposal of their electronic assets.

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